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Poovar is a place of tourists attractions situated in Neyyattinkara of Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala. Kerala is already an attractive place that will come to our minds when we think of to go tour. In such a place, there is another which can be referred to as tropical paradise, which is Poovar. Poovar has an important place in history. It is said that Poovar is formerly called as Pokkumoosapuram . Then the ruler of Travancore, Marthanda varman, renamed as Poovar by seeing the beauty of it. The meaning of Poovar is flower and river.

Poovar Houseboat Packages – 2 Days / 1 Night


poovar backwaters

Besides the beauty of Poovar, it has lot many features to attract the tourists and stands out of the box from other places.The main reason why Poovar becomes famous is because of its backwaters. The backwaters is surrounded by rich greenery, dense forests and beautiful village beach. There are many boating houses which provides boating trips on the river at affordable prices. There are also lot of resorts, ayurvedic houses and floating cottages where you can stay and enjoy your vacation and also you can get treatments.

poovar beach

This is the view of Poovar beach adn the cottages. By seeing this, it gives a ticking happiness to our heart.

poovar boating

This is what it looks like when we go for boating in the Poovar backwaters. It will feel like grooving through the forests.

Poovar Houseboat

poovar floating resorts

Guess what? This is the floating cottages in Poovar which is worth visiting. We don’t stand a chance to see such this beauty. But here it is….

poovar trip

This is the most ecstatic moment you will get nowhere except in Poovar. This is the amazing trip you will ever get in your lifetime.

poovar ayurvedic house

This is the picture of Ayurvedic house in Poovar. Here you can stay and get treatments simultaneously enjoying the Poovar sights.

poovar resorts

This is one of the resorts available in Poovar. Your vacation is made extra special by staying in the resorts.


Boating is the only reason which is why Poovar gets so attracted by the tourists. There are lot of boating houses which is operating in Poovar to render boating services to the visitors. People come again and again just to enjoy the wildest boating in the jungle of Poovar. The moments which you get in Poovar boating will be never leaving your memory and remains as an evergreen experience.


poovar boating tariff

This is the tariff which is charged by the Poovar Backwaters association. This tariff seems to be higher, but it is worth the amount.

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